English Web Content Writer/Editor

Taipei - Nangang

About the Job:

At Titansoft, you'll build engaging games and digital services with design and marketing teams together. Use your writing skills to shape an intuitive and delightful product experience for users. Help them understand, navigate, achieve goals and come back for more. Join us if you have a passion for storytelling and want to make a career out of it!


1. Use editorial guideline to write clear, consistent and engaging web content, such as UI texts, notifications, error messages, FAQ, onboarding flows, etc.

2. Create and manage website content based on CMS platform and dev tools.

3. Write promotions and advertising copy.

4. Manage translation documents for web content localisation.

5. Write for SEO.

6. Collaborate with dev teams, product planner, UX researchers and designers to establish best practices for product improvement