Senior Business Analyst


"Give me enough data, and I can change the game." That's you.

You understand our users and what they like. You understand our stakeholders and what they want. You understand our development teams and what they are capable of. You understand the market and how it works.

More importantly, you know just the very thing we need to do, to change the game. Solving problems and influencing business direction is what you do, with all the terabytes of data and business insights at your fingertips. You play a critical role in defining and enabling business change. You're the change maker.

What a Senior Business Analyst Does in Titansoft

  • Independently conduct data analysis to make business recommendations (cost-benefit, invest-divest, forecasting, impact analysis)
  • Develop and automate reports, iteratively build and prototype dashboards to provide insights at scale, solving for analytical needs
  • Drive collaboration with stakeholders to understand their business needs, formulate and complete end-to-end analysis that includes data gathering, analysis, ongoing scaled deliverables and presentations
  • Support key decision makers to improve products and services

What we are looking for in a Senior Business Analyst


  • BA/BS in Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Computer Science, Information Technology or other equivalent qualifications


  • Experience working with statistical software (e.g. R, Python, Excel, SAS, MATLAB, etc.)
  • Experience in scripting with SQL
  • Experience in independently handling project


  • Statistics and practical applications
  • Cost and revenues measurements
  • Ability to translate analysis results into business recommendations and insights
  • Ability to present the insights clearly to technical and non-technical audiences

What makes a (Super!) Senior Business Analyst in Titansoft AKA the "great to haves"

  1. Data-driven storytelling and visualization
  2. Deep interest and aptitude in product, data, and applied knowledge of measurement, statistics and program evaluation
  3. Strong written, verbal communication and presentations skills

What Everyone gets in Titansoft (psst. We didn't get that Best Tech Company to Work for Award in 2017 for nothing!)

  • 18 days of rest and relaxation for each year. (P.S. It gets even better over the years!)
  • Competitive salaries and bonuses bench-marked against big players in the industry (Yeap, those companies!).
  • Flexible working hours (Sleep in a little longer after fixing that pesky bug from last night).
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage - Very well-stocked pantry. (We've never heard of the term 'Hunger Games', nope)
  • Communities of Practice and Workshops catered for your growth and learning.
  • Substantial subsidies and programs to keep that creative flow while having fun! (Health promotion program, annual overseas company outing, an annual dinner that nobody will ever forget, etc.)
  • Hardcore work and hardcore fun!

Working at Titansoft will probably be unlike any other careers you have ever had. Discover why you should join us!