【TEST REPORT】Team probationary evaluation methods: Track, Excellence, Suggestion, and Telescope

In the early stages of Titansoft's transformation, the teams, rather than just the supervisor, were in charge of the trial evaluation of new recruits and could influence their retention. However, at the end of the probationary period, the team members might sometimes have impressions too vague to make the decision. As a result, the team designed the TEST REPORT tool and process to help self-organizing. This tool and method can facilitate conversations between the teams and their new employees.

  • Track: the teams would record and observe the tasks the new employees have participated in, ideas or opinions they have expressed, and points or questions they have raised. And the new employees would provide their learning results and work achievements. Excellence: the teams would recognize what the new employees have done well, and the new employees would respond and identify themselves.
  • Suggestion: the team works with the new employees to discuss proposals for improvement or offer suggested directions for the new employees to meet the expectations of their teams.
  • Telescope: What's the next for the teams to observe, and what would help the teams to proceed with further evaluation?

During the probationary period, new employees make the most frequent contact and interaction with team members. Through TEST, the members can advise new employee retention: passing the probationary period early, recommending a more qualified team, or ending the probationary period early. The team members can also help supervisors evaluate whether the new employees are ideal for the organization.

【TEST REPORT】Team probationary evaluation methods: Track, Excellence, Suggestion, and Telescope