【Facilitation】Each participant should connect with and learn from each other through two-way dialogues

Unlike a host or speaker who delivers content unilaterally to the audience, facilitation emphasizes that everyone should connect and learn from each other through dialogues. When introduced to Agile and the flattening of its organization in 2014, Titansoft realized that the teams should be able to collaborate effectively through facilitation for more breadth and depth in communications, which allows the members to exchange ideas.

Since 2015, Titansoft has been experimenting with facilitation skills in its teams and joined ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) Taiwan to offer courses and training to the staff. Titansoft has learned the following techniques:

1. Open Space Technology: Creating a platform for discussions, allowing everyone to express their goal or topic of interest to form a spontaneous discussion group where they can make their points and listen to the ideas of others. They can also work on important, urgent, or complex issues to quickly conduct comprehensive exchanges and develop action plans together. The method offers a great opportunity for people to provoke and collide their thoughts.

2. Focused Conversation Method: With this method, participants can communicate effectively by presenting objective facts, describing emotional feelings, expressing viewpoints and hence reaching decisions.

3. Consensus Workshop Method: Discussion using this approach enable people to reach consensus.

4. Dialogue: being aware of how the thoughts affect communication behaviors and connecting individual "me" into "us" to encourage people to think together. This combination of facilitation courses helps the staff to have more choices of skills and approaches in communications and discussions.

【Facilitation】Each participant should connect with and learn from each other through two-way dialogues