Web Content Specialist/Writer(台中)


About the Job: At Titansoft, you'll build engaging entertainment platform and digital services with plan, design, UX and dev teams together. Use your writing skills to shape an intuitive and delightful product experience for users. Help them understand, navigate, achieve goals and come back for more. Join us if you have a passion for storytelling and want to make a career out of it!

【Job Responsabilities】 1. Content Creation & Management:

.Utilize editorial guidelines to write and manage web content, including UI/UX texts, notifications, error messages, FAQs, onboarding flows, and more.

.Handle content creation and updates on CMS platforms, utilizing development tools as necessary.

2. Copywriting & Localization:

.Develop compelling promotions and advertising copy.

.Manage multilingual content, overseeing the translation process from English to Other languages and vice versa.

.Execute product localisation strategies to cater to different market needs.

3. SEO & Analytics:

.Write SEO-optimized content to enhance online visibility.

.Use data and research to evaluate and improve content effectiveness.

4. Collaboration & Strategy:

.Work closely with development teams, product owners, UX researchers, and designers to establish best practices for product improvement.

.Partner with marketing and customer service teams to ensure cohesive user experiences.

.Contribute to the creation and maintenance of writing guidelines aligned with the company's brand voice.

5. Project Management:

.Effectively manage multiple projects and deadlines, ensuring timely delivery of quality content.

.Stay well-informed about the product area to align content recommendations with product goals

【Job Specification】

[Qualification (eg: portfolio, project related)]

.Proficiency in one of the following languages is primary: Indonesian and Thai.

.Ability to communicate effectively in English and Mandarin.