【Sprint Retrospective】We celebrate and review together to make the products and teams even better

Sprint Retrospective sessions are often abbreviated to "Retros" in Titansoft. Upon completion of a Sprint, the Scrum team reviews the events of the Sprint in this meeting to acknowledge the members' contributions and plan for improvements aiming at the next Sprint.

Retro meetings provide a chance for team members to review their workflow together and think about what could be improved to achieve greater efficiency, which can be a real benefit in bringing the team together. The difference between a Sprint Review and a Retro is that while Sprint Review focuses on work results and product conditions, Retro focuses on team status in addition to workflow review and improvement.

In addition to tracking the growth between Sprints, Titansoft also takes the opportunity to share values and views on some issues within the team so that the members can share the same understandings that lead to higher cohesion. The soft carpets, lounge sofa, and warm lighting with adjustable brightness in the space assigned for Retros also help create a more engaging environment for in-depth conversations.

Titaners conduct Retros no matter if it's a Scrum team or not. At the end of events such as campus recruitment or community forums, all participants would hold a Retro to see the quality and results of the event through dialogues. The Retros help the teams consider how to improve in the future and keep the improvement going.

It is also common for Titaners to get together for a reflective discussion on the day's learning after attending an external training course. Titansoft's Retros usually use the ORID framework for focused conversations. Reviewing of the objective facts is often followed by three "L's": Liked, Learned, Lacked; or "KALM": Keep, Add, More, and Less to inspire further thinking.

【Sprint Retrospective】We celebrate and review together to make the products and teams even better