【Sprint Review】Consistent delivery of values is the objective of Sprints

At the end of each Sprint, the team will conduct a Sprint Review to present the results to stakeholders, collect feedback, share market reactions, and discuss the next steps together.

In the Sprint Review, feedback from users or stakeholders on the Sprint increment is gathered, and ideas worthy of inclusion in the product backlog for future implementation are also discussed. From the product perspective, the Sprint Review is the conclusion of a complete Sprint cycle.

At Titansoft, attendees of the Sprint Reviews, such as Product Owners and development teams, are required to share as much information as possible and provide personal perspectives, such as reviews of the actual performance data of the current products and the associated insights. In multi-team collaborations, Titansoft encourages team members to ask questions and provide feedback on areas they are unfamiliar with, which helps the teams to discover blind spots and then improve products and services through collective discussions and decisions.

In Sprint Reviews, live demonstrations of the working systems are preferred over slide shows. As stated in the Agile Manifesto, "useful products" should always be the incremental results produced by Sprints. For large-scale Scrum development projects, Titansoft conducts reviews with the "Bazaar" approach.

【Sprint Review】Consistent delivery of values is the objective of Sprints