Scrum Master(台中)

Taichung - Xitun

Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master, you will grow the Product Owner and Development Teams to be awesome so that they can respond to changes easily to delight customers. You can find Titansoft's seasoned exposure in professional coaching, facilitation and Agile software development complementary in the quest to improve agility.

How WE can help you:

* 12 days of rest and relaxation for you each year. (P.S. It gets even better over the years!)

* Competitive salaries and bonuses bench-marked against big players in the industry.

* Flexible working hours (Sleep in a little longer after fixing that pesky bug from last night).

* Comprehensive insurance coverage.

* Very well-stocked pantry (We've never head of the term 'Hunger Games', nope)

* Communities of Practice and Workshops catered for your growth and learning.

* Substantial subsidies and programs to keep that creative flow while having fun! (Health promotion program, annual overseas company outing, an annual dinner that nobody will ever forget, etc.)

* Hardcore work and hardcore fun!








* Experienced in software development for at least 3 years.

* Exposed to Agile software development for at least 1 year

* Understood the nature and challenges of software development.

* Experienced in Agile transformation and is familiar with developing products iteratively.


* Familiar working in iterative development and Scrum

* Able to create a safe environment where voices can be heard without fear

*Ability to facilitate team's discussions, meetings and conflict resolutions

* Familiar working with organisation to support team's growth * Able to split product backlog items in ways that will create more possibilities for product.

* Strong awareness, observational skills over the environment and situation on hand.

* Familiar with technical practices like Refactoring, Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration and has mentored teams on dealing with legacy code.

Personality and Traits:

* Leadership is the ability to create an environment that enables everyone to contribute productivity.

* Believe that people are not to be repaired and fixed.

* Value relationship and the need to build it

* Reflective and open to learning new skills


Minimum Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Management, or related field