Scrum Master


  • "Try many things and theorize what works best. Now put your theory into Practice. Be Practical. Repeat."

Scrum Master

Malli’s Questions

I have always been drawn to concepts. Attracted to big ideas containing endless possibilities. Most of all, I appreciate the beauty of a simple explanation. As a Scrum Master, my passion is in guiding the younger generation to ask more, and better questions. Before delving into the problem headfirst, ask the most basic question. Ask "why".

  • Malli’s Role

    Prototype, socialise, discuss, ponder, criticise, then implement. That is the typical cycle I go through with each new project. It is the same process as what I do at Titansoft. I always try to inspire my teams to observe the situation, research on best practices and crystallise the questions. Socialise the improvement, and align it with the bigger team, department, organization, industry, ecosystem’s purpose. To see the bigger picture.

  • Practical

    There is no FINAL in my work, or anyone else’ at Titansoft because the only constant is "iteration". With a deeply ingrained Agile culture, we are all about being practical. Plans and consequence actions change. We do what is worth doing to achieve desirable results.

    Being practical is simple. Done is better than perfect. Every time.