Data Scientist

Pao Chi

  • "A data scientist is the bridge between the digital world and the real world, to understand and tell a story of data."

Data Scientist

Pao Chi The Story Teller

I like change. I welcome change. I embrace change. Especially minuscule, almost imperceptible change. Change is an asymptotic process. Studying every little detail increases the accuracy of my judgement. As a Data Scientist, my interest is in understanding how and why things are the way they are.

  • Pao Chi’s Role

    A data scientist’s day is filled with more than just numbers. Numbers represent data collected from people. My job involves understanding those numbers, and more than that, to look through those numbers and understand the people behind. To tell a story of numbers and translating those user insights into our product.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is data and data is transparency. Every user interaction is a data point. Everything we want to know is in the data. The only way to uncover them is through comprehensive data analysis, and with an open communication environment at Titansoft, we make magic happen.

    Transparency allow us to see all problems before they occur.