Product Owner

Poo Siang

  • "There are a thousand and one things to do and to improve on, but what is the one thing which makes the most impact to the lives of our users?"

Scrum Master

Poo Siang’s Race

I am an avid triathlete who spends my free time training for the next race. And there is always a next race. Participating in triathlons taught me to be adaptive and resilient. To have an interest in building things and be there from the start to the finish line. As a Product Owner, I am with the client right from the start.

  • Poo Siang’s Role

    Managing, aligning and matching. That is what I do. I manage the product backlog, align product quality and match stakeholder’s expectations. Curiosity is what drives me forward to discover valuable customer insights. Curiosity was what drove me, as a product developer to step up and try something different.

  • Value-Driven

    Product owners are the best at working with limited resources. We find the most valuable features to build and maximize the value of the product. Our mission here at Titansoft is to focus on the impact of what we deliver and to bring the greatest satisfaction to our users.

    Value-driven is in being able to find the diamond among the coals.