Product Designer


  • "People ignore design that ignores people. Our job is to humanize technology."

Product Designer

James The Observer

I have always been drawn to concepts. Attracted to big ideas containing endless possibilities. Most of all, I appreciate the beauty of a simple explanation. As a Scrum Master, my passion is in guiding the younger generation to ask more, and better questions. Before delving into the problem headfirst, ask the most basic question. Ask "why".

  • James’s Role

    As a web, visual and now a UI/UX designer, my job is not just about aesthetics, but about optimizing every single interaction the user has and understanding what it means to be a human. At Titansoft, I work with my team to mix the right balance of logic into the pot of creativity to make a perfect recipe of user experience.

  • Emergent Leadership

    Emergent leadership is about taking the initiative to correct that one misaligned pixel. To take a step back when someone else has an idea to improve site navigation. At Titansoft, everyone in the team is the leader. We all do whatever matters most. To take charge or to step down.

    Leadership is not a position, it is an action.