SUTD Industry Night 2019

Singapore Recruitment

1 April 2021

18 months ago, we took part in SUTD's Industry Night 2019 where we met our soon-to-be-Titaner, Ashlyn.

A year later, it was official.

Checking in on our Software Developer after the honeymoon period, here's what she has to say about our relationship - so far!

Q: What do you like about Titansoft?
A: I really like the culture here at Titansoft where people are friendly and very willing to help!

Q: What surprised you in your time at Titansoft?
A: I was really surprised by the huge emphasis Titansoft has placed in learning and development. In the past 6 months, I have attended over 10 workshops that has certainly helped me to improve and hone my technical skills.

A big thank you to SUTD Singapore University of Technology & Design for putting us in the same place, at the right time. We're always on the lookout for talent to join our #TeamTitansoft - after all, our Titaners are what makes us great!


SUTD Industry Night 2019