Product Owner


So you want to be a Product Owner (PO) in Titansoft? Well, that depends… do you "eat your own dog food"? How do you keep in touch with your stakeholders and, how often? Do you want your customers to feel high or "shiok"? Is money more important than life? Don't worry, we are kidding. After all, we understand that both are important.

As part of the PO team in the Best Tech Company to work for (yeap, we have an actual award to show for it!), we definitely work and think differently. We are driven to deliver value to our customers, knowing what they want, making them happy and finding their sweet spot (in the product of course)! We understand when to say "No" to stakeholders and when to build upon creative ideas with "Yes, and…" If you have the zany drive to push boundaries, please step forward! We want to work with you.

What a Product Owner Does in Titansoft

  • Have regular, active engagement with every stakeholder of the product to make them feel "shiok"!
  • Report and share your insights to the entire company about the product that you are working on.
  • Define success using metrics to evaluate progress towards the product goals
  • Translate business requirements into user stories for the development teams to understand the product vision and inspire them to deliver exciting solutions!

What we are looking for in a Product Owner

  • Preferably to have worked in a startup company or have been a Business Analyst previously.
  • Have at least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills to be able to engage business users.
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and willingness to fulfil task creatively
  • Comfortable working in cross functional team with ambiguous priorities

What everyone gets in Titansoft (psst. We didn't get that Best Company to Work for in Asia Award in 2022 for nothing!)

  • 18 days of rest and relaxation for each year (P.S. It gets even better over the years!)
  • Competitive salaries and bonuses bench-marked against big players in the industry (Yeap, those companies!)
  • Flexible working hours (Sleep in a little longer after fixing that pesky bug from last night)
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Wellness fund (Flexibility to use it for medical, dental, EAP or even attraction parks!)
  • Very well-stocked pantry (We've never heard of the term 'Hunger Games', nope)
  • Communities of Practice and Workshops catered for your growth and learning
  • Substantial subsidies and programs to keep that creative flow while having fun (Health promotion program, annual overseas company outing, an annual dinner that nobody will ever forget, etc.)
  • Hardcore work and hardcore fun!

Working at Titansoft will probably be unlike any other careers you have ever had. Discover why you should join us!