An Afternoon Exploring Opportunities with Titansoft, Brought to You by the Singapore Computer Society!

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This visit to Titansoft was organised by the Singapore Computer Society, open to members of the tech industry who wished to learn more about what we do, what we offer and explore their opportunities with us.

Kicking off with a sharing about Titansoft, visitors were given a brief introduction to our human resource policies and company practices which supports our vision to be a "Producer of Fun", and more than that, a motto to "Never Stop Improving"! Annual company-wide overseas trip for team bonding, no minimum working hours, self-managing teams, plenty of training and a self-nominated promotion process so your progression is never limited by unreasonable external factors, we are all about work smart, play hard.

One of our software developers went on next, to share about his experiences in Titansoft, the challenges, training and opportunities he has encountered in the last few years. Our climate of learning, technical practices and soft skills development were some of the topics he introduced. Of course, it was not just about focusing on the past, but also the new technologies we are using and the new projects he will be working on with his team.

Our Paper Plane making activity signaled the end of sitting around absorbing information and time to stand up and have some fun! Participants were split into 4 groups to compete in 3 iterative rounds of paper plane making, trying to be the team folding the most number of planes fulfilling given requirements. Through this activity, they are given a brief introduction to how Scrum teams work within sprints to deliver items in the backlog. In just 30 minutes, members moved from first getting to know each other, to learning about each other's strengths and finally, to the most effective way of delivering the product as a team.

Titansoft Participating in Singapore Computer Society's Meet the Employer Session

It was a treat for us to see grown ups dressed in formal work wear, excited smiles brightening up their faces as they fly paper planes across the room!

With an Agile mindset, even a childhood activity can allow us to generate insights to alter our perception of our team, our process and the product we are delivering.

Thanks to the Singapore Computer Society for allowing us to have an afternoon of fun and the participants who we hoped had a great time!

An Afternoon Exploring Opportunities with Titansoft, Brought to You by the Singapore Computer Society!