At YOW! Conference Singapore as a Shiny Silver Sponsor!

Singapore Activities

Constant change takes place in all industries, most of all in our IT industry. Digital transformation reshapes every aspect of a business and differentiating between which trends and advancements to adopt and which to take a pass on, can be confusing. Therefore, we are glad to be a silver sponsor for YOW! Conference Singapore, an event for software developers to stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and network with their peers, which also provides opportunities for local thought leaders to share the stage and present their experience.

Other than the chance to meet like-minded professionals and catch up on the latest trends in the industry, we also got to share our favourite read at the moment, Company wide Agility With Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy, with a few lucky winners!

We hope all participants had a great time and a big thank you to the event organisers for an insightful YOW! Conference! Singapore 2018!

At YOW! Conference Singapore as a Shiny Silver Sponsor!