We Came, We Spoke and We Were Heard, on Money FM 89.3.

Singapore Announcements

We were honoured to be invited for an interview live-on-air by MONEY FM 89.3 on our adoption of Enterprise Singapore's Business Excellence framework and the innovative Human Resource practices driving our organizational success.

Being a Singapore-based software development company established in 2005 and nowhere near the size as the likes of tech giants Facebook, Google and Amazon, brand awareness is an issue we face in the process of recruitment. Our awesome employee benefits and unconventional Human Resource polices including a rewards system based on team performance, peer review system, and transparent salary structure, have definitely helped in bringing in and retaining a wonderful

The pleasure was all ours, thank you MONEY FM for giving us the opportunity to share our experiences and advice to the industry! For all who missed our first radio interview ever (milestone unlocked!), here's a recording, so we can relive our moment of #RadioFame. ;)

We Came, We Spoke and We Were Heard, on Money FM 89.3.