An Introduction to Systems Thinking, by Titaners!

Singapore Sharings

After attending the Systems Thinking Workshop conducted by Richiiro Oda in April, our Titaners Chandra & Vignesh shared their learning with the community, in a meetup organized by Agile Singapore last evening. One of the concepts they highlighted was causal loop diagrams (CLD).

The most obvious question when you start drawing causal loop diagrams: "how do you know when to stop?"

Our answer: "stop when you can't influence the factors affecting the diagram!"

The causal loop diagram (CLD) is an analytical tool in system thinking which helps to identify relations between each components in the system, beliefs and policies that affect each decision, and patterns observed over time. It can be useful even for making organizational change.

When considering adopting policies such as Salary Transparency and Flexible Working Hours, CLDs can help you to recognize the multiple, interdependent effects of these actions. Check out what else they shared last evening!

An Introduction to Systems Thinking, by Titaners!