Awarded the Best Company to Work for in Asia, Again! – 2019 Singapore Edition

Singapore Announcements

Our story started when a group of engineers came together to set up a company providing custom-built software solutions in Singapore more than a decade ago.

A traditional company with processes, policies and procedures typical to the industry at that time, we worked in an environment of regular individual performance appraisals, fixed working hours, confidential salaries and compensation benchmarking processes - all under a command-and-control management approach.

As we grew in size, specialised departments were created, which led to more problems with increasing backlog, a high employee turnover rate, slow product delivery and software bugs impeding our progress.

An Agile Mindset Beyond Software Development

Determined to improve our working processes, we went on an exploration of different solutions. In the process of trying, failing and learning from our failures, we eventually arrived at the Agile Manifesto for Software Development. Recognising the value of

  • individuals and interactions over processes and tools;
  • working software over comprehensive documentation;
  • customer collaboration over contract negotiation; and
  • responding to change over following a plan,

to move beyond a traditional way of working, we experimented with applying these key tenets of Agile mindset to our organizational management, making many tweaks to arrive at a culture that is uniquely Titansoft.

One with regular peer reviews, no minimum working hours, a self-initiated promotion process, and transparent salary and benchmarking, in a flat and open organization.

Work-Life Integration & No Minimum Working Hours

We know that learning and development does not stop once you step out of the office, which is why there are no fixed working hours in Titansoft! Have an "AHA!" moment while reading a book on a Sunday? That is "work". Find inspiration to a problem while on the treadmill? That is "work", too. Taking breaks and working at peak efficiency is the smart thing to do; after all, it is about the value and impact we create, not hours spent at the desk.

Open Communication & Transparency

Our promotion process is self-initiated and open. Levelling up our job rank is pretty much like how it works in any MMORPG you play. And as you progress, your salary is transparent within the company! Annual salary reviews based on market data ensure fair compensation, and allows us to remain competitive in the industry to attract the best talents. Our self-nominated promotion policy with a transparent promotion guideline encourages ownership of personal growth and full understanding of career progression opportunities.

As we adopt an Agile mindset across the entire company, our human resource policies are "iteratively improved upon" based on internal feedback from our Titaners!

Titansoft's DNA to Never Stop Improving

Instead of "I failed", it is always "what can be done better next time?" as we embrace the philosophy of "fail fast, fail cheap, fail often and learn forward". In our learning organization, how we work goes like this: conduct a small experiment, fail, review, collect feedback, learn and improve. Learning and growing is an important part of being a Titaner, because we believe in the value of "Make Your People Before Making Your Products" - our company's growth lies in the growth of our people.

This is why we invest in Titaners with ample company sponsored trainings throughout the year, both internal and external. Titansoft also actively participates in workshops, meetups and conferences, sharing our experiences and exchanging insights with others in the industry, both to enrich the community and for us to gain knowledge to develop user-focused and experience-driven products.

Producers of Fun

Working towards our vision and mission, to be globally recognised producers of fun providing the most enjoyable experiences through challenging conventions, we are guided by 6 core values of V-CEPAT:

  • Value Driven – We focus on the impact of what we deliver, starting with the end in mind. We think of the impact we want to create for our customers and stakeholders before starting any initiatives, committed to bringing value to them.
  • Continuous Learning – Better products, better relationships, better me. Learning is a part of life. In Titansoft, we fail early and fail often. On our journey of new experiences, we embrace the inevitability of failure, to continuously expand on our capacity to create as an individual and organization.
  • Emergent Leadership – Roles do not define who we are and what we do in the organisation. See a need, do the deed. Leadership is an action, as we contribute to what matters regardless of roles or positions.
  • Practical – We focus on feasibility over theory when we solve problems, making sure they are worth doing to achieve desirable results. We make decisions based on facts and data, to use the most effective and suitable approach under real circumstances.
  • Being Adaptive – Be responsive, not reactive. We embrace changes and respond in a timely manner. In a world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguous), we survive and thrive by adapting quickly to changes because change is the only constant.
  • Transparency – Transparency is important in self-organizing environments. We believe making information available and accessible to the people who need it will help us make knowledgeable decisions and to detect potential problems. We are candid about sharing helpful feedback for everyone to progress.

With a strong culture of ownership and mutual respect, Titaners work in a safe and open environment (when we are not too busy having fun!) Join us on our journey to #NeverStopImproving!

Awarded the Best Company to Work for in Asia, Again! – 2019 Singapore Edition