#RaisingFunds #IceCreamForACause #SulawesiTsunami #IndonesianEarthquake

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On September 28 2018, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Indonesia's Sulawesi island, triggering a localized tsunami which destroyed houses and devastated the lives of thousands of families. Struggling to survive with nowhere to live, with disaster and rescue operations ongoing, we decided to do our part in raising funds to contribute to the provision of shelter and protection for those displaced families.

We came up with a #CauseWeCool campaign, aka #IceCreamForACause selling ice cream to our colleagues, and a Wall of Care, where they can choose a customised envelope of varying amount and fill it with their cash donation. Of course, as a tech company, we also have an option catering to the techies - to donate digitally through PayNow!

For every $1 we donated, the company has matched with $5, bringing up our total donation to $10680.00!

Hopefully our contribution will go towards helping families in need to rebuild their homes for a better future.

#RaisingFunds #IceCreamForACause #SulawesiTsunami #IndonesianEarthquake